Love Is One Hell Of A Muse

Muse: a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Every artist has their muse. If you look back at rock stars, painters, etc., you’ll realize most artists were in love with their muse.


My husband is my muse.


Cliché? Maybe.


Do I care? Nope!


Drew Milen is what most know him by. I love just sitting and watching him work. Listening to his inner self come out through his music.

Being married to another creative is a dope feeling that only other artists would probably understand. But I’ll spare you are the romantic mush. Just find you one.



Andrew has a Bluetooth lightbulb in his studio room…


          Me, about to checkout on Amazon: Seriously. This is ridiculous, you don’t need that. You’re just being extra.


          Him: Maybe so…BUT I NEED IT. Think about how it’ll help set the mood and the whole vibe when I’m working.


This lightbulb changes colors (you can control it with an app on your phone) and plays music from whatever Bluetooth device you’re using.  I must admit, I’ve grown to love it. It’s really fun to play with when it comes to taking photos.


I didn’t really have much of a direction or specific thought in mind when I asked Andrew if I could shoot him. I just felt like taking some photos and wanted to practice on him. So I grabbed my iPhone, opened my Halide camera app, and started snapping.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy DSLR yet. So my iPhone is what I’ve been using for practice. All in due time.







What’s your muse? or should I say, who?
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