The One Plant I Can Actually Keep Alive

Why is it harder to keep plants alive than kids?


I recently wrote an article on the other blog that I manage, BougieMama, about a Clean Air study that NASA did and the plants that you should have in your home to clean the most toxins out of the air.


Learning about all of the toxins that the plants remove, I was inspired to go and get my own plants for the house. I have asthma and allergies, my kids have allergies...just seemed to make sense.

Anyways...I got the plants from IKEA. Mistake #1.


I now know to go to an actual garden or nursery for plants, not IKEA. I mean, it was hard to find a decent plant that didn't look like it already had one foot into the after-life already. But, me not knowing much about plants, I thought I was able to pick out some that I could take home and beef up into thriving, happy, air-cleaning plants.


Umm, yea. No.



Let's just say, age does not give you a better "green thumb" like I was wishfully thinking. My plants are dying little by little each day. But for some reason, I woke up this morning and thought instead of focusing on how terrible most of my plants are looking I could just use this as a photo opp and focus more on the plants that were actually doing great, my 2 little cacti.


They're adorable. I couldn't tell you their exact name and they have nothing to do with the Clean Air study. I just thought they were way too cute not to get. IKEA has that effect on me.


So here are my plants. I broke out my micro lens to capture the beads of water on the cacti right after I had watered them this morning.

One is sort of fluffy and one is kinda bald. They remind me of when you're hair is poppin' and full when pregnant and then you're a bald-headed scallywag in the weeks after having your baby.


(Click photo to expand)


Let me know in the comments if you'd like to know any VSCO edit recipe details that I used.


What are some plants that you loved photographing? (Or that you find are easy to take care of...or any other plant advice you have haha...I'm all ears)




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